baking day salmon

I’ve been baking for so long now with a woodstove oven that it’s second nature. But baking bread using my horno (my clay, wood-fired bread oven, see picture below) is always an adventure. Even though I’ve had it for at least 4 years now, I’m still far from mastering the fine points of the perfect fire, the perfect heat, and knowing when to do what. But, the challenge is part of what makes it fun!

Yesterday, I baked in the horno–and then, made a small feast!


I baked 2 dozen bagels and 2 loaves of bread (rosemary and plain wheat). Also grilled red peppers, salmon and steak with the coals I swept out of the oven and into the kettle grill. The salmon was the best I’d had in ages– very fresh and flavorful, and thick enough that it was easy to not overcook it. I took it off the grill when it was only about half way cooked, and then let it sit in the kitchen with a big bowl turned over it. The good little kittens didn’t dare to disturb the arrangement, while Kiva and Rhiannon went to town to take care of a lot of mail orders. (“the kittens” are all fully grown, but I still enjoy calling them all kittens…)
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Raspberries and Pepper: Green, Black & Red

An Inspired Food Moment- July 19, 2016

It’s late. I’m sorting fresh raspberries, and put a few of the mushy but still good ones on my favorite tea saucer. Some cream yogurt, maple syrup… and then reach for the peppercorns, and then the green ones, too. Grind quite a few of them into the yogurt. Mash the raspberries into the pepper, then squeeze the juice of a cut lemon end, sitting on the counter. I could swear that it winked at me… then a pinch of red chile, not that it needed it.

It’s so good I contemplate saving the last lick for the morning…

nice idea!

(I get green peppercorns from mountain rose botanicals- they are the bae!)

Coming soon– meet a wild “green pepper” plant!

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