Watermelon Rind Pickle

Don’t toss that rind! You could be making this instead!

7 cups watermelon rind, trimmed and sliced (the rind of about 1 medium watermelon)

about 4 cups Fir Vinegar or apple cider vinegar (or another mild, aromatic herbal vinegar)

about 2 cups sugar

1 teaspoon salt


Eat up a fat watermelon, preferably a crunchy one with a fairly thick, dense rind. Scrape the rind of almost all the pale pink flesh that’s left. Next, in order to slice off the outer rind, use a sharp knife. I like a 7” long, thin-bladed one, as a bigger knife feels more clumsy to me for this particular job. We find it easiest to cut it into small wedges (about 3”x 4”), and then lay each piece on its side, but do it whatever way feels best to you.


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