How to Make Homemade Gnocchi

(with and without Gluten)

As you may know, gnocchi is a type of Italian pasta, usually homemade, most often made with mashed or riced potatoes and unbleached flour. There are many other different varieties of gnocchi, as it can be also made with anything from sweet potatoes, ricotta cheese, cream puff dough, spinach, chestnut flour, semolina flour, and more. I have a version that uses acorn meal in my upcoming cookbook. Many versions use egg along with the potato and unbleached flour, but I prefer only to use eggs when I make the gluten free versions, as they really help to bind the gluten-less flour to the potato. The gluten-y gnocchi (pronounced NYO-key, in case you were wondering), come out perfectly without the egg, and then it’s vegan-friendly, as well!

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Acorn Cornbread

I was going to make my beloved Acorn Cornbread on Thanksgiving day. But, as things went, our household decided to go to the Indiana River that morning, to give thanks to Mother Nature in our own way. It was an incredible morning, with a light drizzle of rain, and fog drifting all over the forested mountains. I swam in the very cold river., and sang, and we all sang and howled like the pack of happy little creatures that we are, out in the wild with no one around. We saw an incredible rainbow, and, later, Monica brought us to see a whole field of Darlingtonia plants, which completely blew our minds.

Not to mention, that on the way there, a whole flock of wild turkeys gobbled along a road side while we drove slowly by, admiring their beauty.  My housemates talked to the turkeys from the inside of the car, saying things like, “We’re so glad you’re so alive!, ” and “Be free, little ones!” and although I could appreciate these well-wishes, I have to admit my canyon-ized self was also wishing we’d thought to pack a shotgun in the car along with our jars of tahini, and that it hadn’t been so long since my last target practice with Wolf.

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A Very Happy Birthday


On October 12th, I celebrated not only the anniversary of my arrival into the world outside my mama’s belly, but the anniversary of my arrival to Ashland!

It’s been quite the year!

My house was already planning to hold a potluck supper on October 9th, and I wasn’t sure, that morning, that I wanted it to be a birthday celebration potluck. But, I wondered, why not? Some little voice in me was saying it was wrong to want a party focused on me, but I had to wonder where that voice was coming from. I never figured it out entirely, only that I was being silly!

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Healer’s Night Soup

Last night was quite the event in our house. Jessica (who recently changed her name to Camitza) shared an inspiration about a month or two ago of our home hosting nights in which local people could get together and offer their healing practices to each other. As we were all discussing the logistics of ways this could work, and not work well, it eventually became evident to her that we needed to do a practice run.  Read more