Thank You For Singing!


Last week I went to a concert put together by a homeschooling mom, with a bunch of other women and children. Some of the women were parents but not all of them. I said to my partner James before we left, “Just to warn you, anytime there are multiple kids singing, I can’t help crying, it happens every time.” Read more

No Small Thing

It’s been a really weird week here, not to mention the weeks before  that, the election, Standing Rock, and all the other escalating craziness all over the world. I keep thinking of Blue’s Journal, which is a recurring thread in Wolf’s novel The Kokopelli Seed. Wolf started writing this book way back in 1980 (incidentally, the same year Kiva was born, which is interesting because it was the same year the character that Kiva was named from was formed in Wolf’s consciousness, more on that maybe another time!) Blue’s Journal is the collection of notes by one of the main characters that chronicles notable events—natural, as in earthquakes, political uprisings, terrorist attacks, and random very odd occurrences. Read more

Letters of A Woman Homesteader

One of my all-time favorite books is “Letters of a Woman Homesteader,” the missives of Elinore Rupert Stewart, a widowed wash-lady from a small city in Oklahoma, who, upon recovering from the “grippe”, decided she needed, more than anything, “the mountains, the pines, and the clean fresh air” and “wanted to homestead”.

So, in 1909, she up and left with her then 4 year old daughter Jerrine, and filed a claim on a Wyoming homestead adjacent to a bag-pipe playing Scottish bachelor, who would play “The Campbells are Coming” for so long that Elinore said she wished profoundly “that they would hurry up and get here”. That was when she worked for him as a housekeeper. Eventually they married. If I remember correctly, he later expanded his repertoire. Read more