Last week I went to a concert put together by a homeschooling mom, with a bunch of other women and children. Some of the women were parents but not all of them. I said to my partner James before we left, “Just to warn you, anytime there are multiple kids singing, I can’t help crying, it happens every time.”

But, silly me, for some reason I still sat myself in the front row. And so, during the entire concert I struggled with the effort of trying to make my face at least look somewhat pleasant while the tears kept coming. It wasn’t terribly hard through the majority of the songs. But there were a few with words that tore at my heartstrings just a little too much, and I worried that I might be making some of the small ones confused. They all still smiled and sang on, so hopefully they weren’t too fazed.

But it made me wonder, if there might be something a little off in my life, that I can lose my composure so easily around a bunch of singing children. Maybe it would be good if that sound were more a part of my everyday reality.

On my morning walk recently, there was a young girl singing as she walked to school. I so badly wanted to thank her for not quitting her song as I walked by her, but it would have felt a little too intrusive.

So what I did instead, was, I just started singing myself.

What can we do, to help encourage all of the songs inside us all?

What’s your favorite song to sing when you’re alone?



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