Herb-Laden Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

It’s been really fun thinking up meals to make for my friends Sarah and Doug that use the bounty of their lovely garden. I love experiments! Especially when they’re successful! Since they’re “mostly vegan” I’ve been enjoying taking comfort food favorites and converting them into satisfying vegan dishes, like these two versions of herb-laden scalloped potatoes.

I decided to add some other vegetables to make the casseroles prettier and to add flavor interest, but you could try them with just potatoes and onions if you prefer. Lovage, unfortunately, is not really an herb commonly found in most markets, but if you can’t find it in your own garden or local farmer’s market, you can substitute parsley or cilantro, just use about three or four times the amount because lovage has a much more potent flavor effect on the dish. I’m planning to take a more in-depth look at this wonderful plant in another post very soon!

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How to Use Leek and Garlic Scapes

A friend of Sarah’s dropped off some chives and leeks from her garden when Sarah was away in New York a few weeks ago. Sarah had told me this was going to happen, and that she thought the leeks were going to be for planting.

When the leeks arrived, I was surprised, because they were full sized, and I’d done some research and I didn’t find any mention of planting mature leeks to make more leeks. But, maybe because I have a streak of Amelia Bedilia in me, I couldn’t help myself from planting the leeks in the garden anyway. Read more