My music partner James and I are now on the road on an adventure! At the moment, we’re housesitting in Eugene in a very fascinating dwelling that belongs to a man who “sells sticks” all over the world. Speciafically manzanita branches, for floral arrangements! Already this gig has has some unexpected twists and turns, but we are making the best of it!

lazer's house
our host’s home, full of global treasures and lp’s

This morning I realized I hadn’t had much plain water in a while, and as there is no water filter here, or spring water, I took a chance and drank the tap water. It was quite untasty. But the front yard is full of lemon balm (and dandelions, and wood sorrel, and some other familiar friends! :)) so I knew that cold, enjoyable water was not an impossible feat. Thank you plant friends!

clean-tap-water-lemon-balm copy

Of course it’s not ideal to put tap water that tastes terrible in your body, but I thought I’d share this handy trick anyhow, in case you ever find yourself without a filter and too far from a spring. I happen to be one of those people who really hates buying water! (Although I will admit I do have a little weakness for bottled Pelligrino.)

Simply throw a few handfuls of lemon balm (or mint, or catnip, or some other mild, tasty fresh herb) into a clean gallon jar, boil 2 quarts of tap water and add it to the herbs. Let it sit about 5-10 minutes. Fill the rest of the jar with cold tap water, and stick it in the fridge. You could add ice to make it get cold faster, or serve the lemon balm water over ice.

So easy! Enjoy!

mike and lazer's house
we’re getting ready to record another song!

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