Stopping halfway up the mountain to add some coolant to the van.

When Rhiannon was little, one of our favorite things to do in the late afternoon was to climb the mountainsides, following the last rays of sunshine, from one golden patch of beauty to the next. Sometimes we’d bring a little treat to enjoy along the way. Here in Oregon, in my brand-new life, I’ve been keeping up this practice.   In Ashland, the mountainsides are only a few minutes from the bustling little town streets. It’s easy to get caught up in all the demands and distractions of every day life, and miss the outside moments that keep our souls fed, as we all know so well! And having someone special to share the beauty with– what a blessed treat! Here’s some recent photos of some of these little jaunts.


An impromptu picnic
Sunshine, leather, and lace
Found these giant rose hips up at Immigrant Lake
I’ve never eaten rose hips quite like this in New Mexico. I couldn’t believe the fruits were still so edible in January! I learned from my companion here how to squeeze the pulp out without the seeds. We feasted on them until our hands were numb.
Fruiting madrones in the day’s last light
Mount Ashland is in the center here. A few minutes after this shot a deer appeared and watched us for several minutes, as all the colors faded into dusk.

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