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Dear Friends,

For more recipes, art, sewing projects, rants and rambles, photos of canyon life, storytelling and probably more! come see me over at the Anima Center blog!

I hope you’ll stay tuned!

Anyone with recipes for the International Recipe Round Up, please email me at enchantedcanyonkitchen@gmail.com.

Thank you!

May you be nourished.

Love, Elka

 Rhiannon, Elka, at Kiva Ukrainian Birthday Tea-72dpi

wolf and pixie

Letters of A Woman Homesteader

One of my all-time favorite books is “Letters of a Woman Homesteader,” the missives of Elinore Rupert Stewart, a widowed wash-lady from a small city in Oklahoma, who, upon recovering from the “grippe”, decided she needed, more than anything, “the mountains, the pines, and the clean fresh air” and “wanted to homestead”.

So, in 1909, she up and left with her then 4 year old daughter Jerrine, and filed a claim on a Wyoming homestead adjacent to a bag-pipe playing Scottish bachelor, who would play “The Campbells are Coming” for so long that Elinore said she wished profoundly “that they would hurry up and get here”. That was when she worked for him as a housekeeper. Eventually they married. If I remember correctly, he later expanded his repertoire. Read more

International Recipe Round-Up

I find it so interesting to think about different cultures and how we all affect each other– value systems, food traditions, religion, society expectations, the sharing of stories, role models and and so much more! I’ve been so happy to see that so far this blog seems to attract a wonderful diversity of readers across the world, and I want to help encourage this by engaging input from other places.

So far, this blog has had views from









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