I want my blog to be a fairly accurate reflection of the person I really am.

An important part of who I am a devoted kitchen tender, who much prefers to go to bed at night without any dishes left in the sink. Harmony and beauty are things I value very much, right up there with joy and satisfaction. Focus is another thing that’s important, but very hard for me to accomplish.

My original vision was to keep this blog focused on the food, and not so much on me, or my life, or the way I see and experience the world. But I’m seeing that I want it to feel more playful, more true to the imperfect person that I am– and less “I’m trying to be a serious food writer that shows nothing but pretty pictures of perfect food”.

The cookbook I’m writing will be focused on just food. (at least I think so!) But this blog, starting now, (actually I think it started with my last post, and I just didn’t know it yet) will include all kinds of other stuff, along with the food.

It’s kind of scary, feeling like I’m opening up other aspects of myself to potential criticism. It’s like inviting my mother for supper in the middle of monsoon season, when I know there will be flies in the kitchen and I will be running around like crazy with buckets of water and she will be shaking her head, wondering what she did to deserve such a strange creature for a daughter, and what she might have done wrong.

Well, life is messy, love is messy, food is messy. But I think some of the happiest people in the world are those who have learned how to embrace the messes and complications that come along with a life fully lived. And those who don’t expect others to clean up our messes for us, or even help us with them, unless it’s very clear that they really & truly want to.

Often, I feel like one of those embracing-messes kinds of people, but there is certainly room for improvement. So, in order to create more generosity towards myself, rather than more uptightness, this blog will be more inclusive of all the kinds of messes I like to make– I’ll show you some of my artistic processes, involving paper, fabrics and more, maybe even when I didn’t love the end result. I’ll share some of my rambling, circular thoughts, more about the things that inspire me, and make me say “oh, dear”… and we’ll just have to see what else!

Thanks for reading, and stopping by! I hope you’ll come back again soon!



ps. and another thing– I will be attempting to post more often, but will not always be able to include a photo or a painting, as out here in the wilderness we have what’s called “band-width-issues” which means pictures can sometimes be impossible to post.

6 thoughts on “Simple Joys of a Wild & Messy Life

  1. Elka,

    You write beautifully. I love this unraveling and look forward to the recipes, the art and all the embracing-of-messes with room for improvement. It’s perfect.


    1. Thank you so much Sherry! I really appreciate hearing that. I like the word “unraveling” and the image it brings to my mind right now… like letting out a tightly woven braid in order to re-weave it with ribbons or added colors…


  2. Hi Elka so good to hear from you,I really enjoy the way you put your life into your words.I also love herbs and cooking and baking and wild things so I look forward to your new adventure. To the wild in us all Lizzie


    1. many thanks, and a toast of acorn-fir tea to you, Lizzie!
      I’m so glad to know you’re along for the journey!


  3. Dear Elka,
    It’s so
    Wonderful to read about the messes in life. So much can arise from messes and the way we tend to them as imperfect human beings. From my heart to yours, I appreciate the lessons I’ve learned and continue to from life in the kitchen. Similarly, I have alpaca fiber in bags, scent strips in another, collected dog fur, and I am munching on beets that I made from memory…hmm somethings missing.
    Anyway I digress, it’s a breath of fresh air to read your description of how you embrace messes. Thank you and big hugs!


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