An Inspired Food Moment- July 19, 2016

It’s late. I’m sorting fresh raspberries, and put a few of the mushy but still good ones on my favorite tea saucer. Some cream yogurt, maple syrup… and then reach for the peppercorns, and then the green ones, too. Grind quite a few of them into the yogurt. Mash the raspberries into the pepper, then squeeze the juice of a cut lemon end, sitting on the counter. I could swear that it winked at me… then a pinch of red chile, not that it needed it.

It’s so good I contemplate saving the last lick for the morning…

nice idea!

(I get green peppercorns from mountain rose botanicals- they are the bae!)

Coming soon– meet a wild “green pepper” plant!

What are your favorite/fun things to do with raspberries?

What are your favorite/ fun things to do with green or black peppercorns, or with red chile pepper?

Have you had any “inspired food moments” lately?

One thought on “Raspberries and Pepper: Green, Black & Red

  1. Elka, you come up with the most interesting flavour combinations! I swear I am going to try everything on this blog – starting with this (mainly because we have all the stuff to do it). I love this blog, keep it coming please!


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